Tara Jane O'Neil

Tara Jane O'Neil is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and visual artist. She has released seven full-length albums internationally. She composes and performs under her own name and in collaboration with other musicians, artists, dancers, and filmmakers. Her work in sound ranges from the melodic and experimental composition to noise improvisation, and from solo projects to scoring for theater, film, dance, and several ensemble experimental architectures. O'Neil was a founding member of Rodan and the Sonora Pine. She has collaborated on recordings and stages with Lori Goldston, Michael Hurley, Ida, Catherine Irwin, Mirah, Mount Eerie, Papa M, Nikaido Kazumi, and many more. She has performed at clubs, galleries, and DIY spaces around the world and venues such as the Centre de Pompdou, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and All Tomorrow's Parties. Her visual work has been shown in cities including London, Tokyo and Portland and has been published in three monographs. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Photo by James Kidd.

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