Multi-instrumentalist and programmer Paul Dickow has been making music as Strategy since 1999. From a musical family, as a youth he was exposed to everything from academic computer music to the synth pop and rap filling the airwaves at the time. A longtime participant in Portland's strange underground music community, (where it's not atypical for people to be participating in 3 or more projects which bear little resemblance to one another) he went on to play in a number of groups, most notably Fontanelle, Nudge, Emergency, Sound People, and many others.

Strategy wires together Dickow's programming and performing experience via a hodgepodge of table top electronics, computers and realtime musicianship. Combining a granular ambient aesthetic with an abstract, percolating rhythmic sensibility, Strategy music does not find a singular sylistic expression, but rather exists along a genre-confounding continuum where all genres are created equal and primed for deconstruction. Strategy releases all his music under the same name: outcomes have taken the form of dub, house and techno, ambient and experimental music, and uncategorisable territories. Reflecting this, his working process includes everything from collage-based composition, to live improvisation, careful sound design and spontaneous noisemaking.

During the development of his albums Drumsolo's Delight and Future Rock, Dickow also pursued a parallel career as DJ, remixer, and label curator. He currently operates the Community Library and Common Language labels with DJ Brokenwindow. Together the two have pursued a thread of uncompromising eclecticism, with a monthly DJ residency at Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade serving as their soapbox for more than 12 years.

selected discography
Counter-Clangs CD3 [Archigramophone]
Strut CD [Outward Music Company]
remix of Stars As Eyes' "Delicate" on Loud New Shit CD [Tigerbeat6]
"Marathon Heights" b/w "Drumsolo's Revenge" 12" [ORAC]
"Going Street Dub" b/w "Dunes Dub" 7" single [Shockout/TB6]
remix of Charles Atlas' "One Foot Under" on Fabricate CD (audraglint)
Drumsolo's Delight LP Version (Audio Dregs)
"Super 80ies Future" on Fork Ends compilation CD (Audio Dregs)
"Super Vamp" 12" (ORAC)
remix of Gregory Isaacs "Gone A Jail" (Shockout 12")
remix of Eats Tapes "Dinosaur Days" (Tigerbeat6 12" )
"World House" 12" (Community Library)
remix of The Juan Maclean's "Love Is In the Air" (DFA 12")
remix of The Blow's "The Love That I Crave" (audraglint/Holocene 12")
remix of The Plants' "Acorn Child" (Holocene compilation CD)
"Paradisiac" on Silverware compilation CD (audraglint)
"Fields of May" 12" (ORAC)

kranky titles available
Future Rock
Drumsolo's Delight

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