Nudge is a slightly loose collective orbiting Los Angeles based musician Brian Foote, birthed premillenially in Portland with the intent to push forward with emergent technologies and antiquated kit alike. His prime collaborators are Paul Dickow who works solo as Strategy, and Honey Owens who records under the Valet moniker.

This album follows the Infinity Padlock ep on Audraglint and the 2005 kranky album Cached. With such a gap between full-lengths, it would be easy to think Foote has been slacking, but nothing could be further from the truth as he's been busy collaborating with Valet and Strategy, racking up mix/production credits with Atlas Sound, Lotus Plaza and Signaldrift, and touring as an ensemble player of Valet and Atlas Sound Music Group.

selected discography
Trick Doubt CD [Outward Music Company]
Elaborate Devices for Filtering Crisis CD [Tigerbeat6]

kranky titles available
As Good As Gone

see also
Strategy - Drumsolo's Delight
Fontanelle - Style Drift
Fontanelle - F
Fontanelle - Fontanelle

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