Growing evolved out of two bands, Joe Denardo from Black Man White Man Dead Man and  Kevin Doria from 1000 A.D., in Olympia, WA. in the fall of 2001.   Joe Denardo moved from Chicago to Olympia and helped operate the Thin The Herd label with Zack Carlson, which released early material from Vaz and Total Shutdown.   Eryn Ross joined to make Growing a trio.  Moving from hardcore towards something slower and more expansive the band played around it's hometown and up and down the West Coast of the United States.  The first Growing release was a 7 inch single on the Nail In the Coffin label.

Growing played in a variety of settings and contexts, from art gallery to hardcore all-ages shows.  The group has arranged quadraphonic sound installations and lugged stacks onto a stage.  Growing have made soundtracks for videos (most recently a project for continuous two channel video and multichannel sound installation with Lisa Darms) and often play accompanied by Denardo's photographs.  Growing self-released a number of cassettes of music.

After a tip from Paul Dickow of Strategy, who played a show with Growing and was struck by their quadraphonic sound environment, kranky began the process of releasing the debut Growing album in spring 2003.  The Sky's Run Into The Sea came out in August 2003.  As Denardo described the recording process, "We recorded the record with a friend, so the atmosphere was very laid back and cheap, this was long before kranky decided to put it out.  It took place over three months over three months, but mostly because of equipment failure.  Since it was winter it rained a lot."

Otis Hart described the nature of the band's music in Dusted: "Reach for an initial word, a label - say Doom Metal - then watch, as the demonic guitars slowly morph into demonstrative bliss.  Drone may come a bit closer to the truth, but only slightly, as silence plays an equally significant role in the proceedings.  Alas, Growing's anomalous sounds dwell in perpetual nigh-fidelity, permeating the gaps between equalizer settings with evasive intent, frustrating any attempr at optimization, and therefore, classification."

After the release of their debut longplayer Growing toured the West and East Coasts.  The band is moving their base of operations to New York City.  Animal Disguise Records is re-releasing tour tapes and a double cassette, two channel album called Above/Below Sea Level.  Heroine Records in Italy is releasing a split CD/LP with Growing and M. Evan Burden (of Get Hustle).  In March 2003 Growing will play shows in California with Chicago instro-metal overlords Pelican in preparation for a split release on the Hydra Head label.  And in spring 2004 Growing journey to Portland, OR to mix their next album at Magnetic Park with Rex Ritter of Jessamine/Fontanelle at the board.

kranky titles available
The Soul of the Rainbow and the Harmony of Light
The Sky's Run Into the Sea

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