Flies Inside the Sun

After Dadamah broke up in 1993, Kim Pieters (who had been teaching herself bass guitar) and drummer Peter Stapleton recruited guitarists Danny Butt and Brian Crook and started Flies Inside The Sun.  From August through December 1993 the quartet recorded their debut album in Purakauni, New Zealand.

Flies Inside the Sun were determine to play more open ended music than Dadamah and each of the members were committed to improvisation within the band structures.  The debut album, An Audience of Others (Including Herself) was released on compact disc and vinyl by kranky in late 1995.

A review in Pop Watch noted that;

    "These recordings are more about the interworkings of the four musicians involved and the resultant splendor of their improvising.  The drums mostly sound like thunder, the guitars almost never strum, the lyrics, possibly written before hand are largely unintelligible - and the best example of how this 'works' is the momentous 'Sleepwalk'. Within it lies the same magical mystery that's tied you to NZ music for lo' these many years, and on that track the haunting vocals successfully take the intense playing to a higher realm of gratification..."

Muckraker wrote that

    "a delicate approach is taken throughout, suffusing this record with not only beauty but also a patent, suffocating NZ feeling.  Audience is far superior to most other records that emit this mood."

The first incarnation of Flies Inside The Sun came to an end when Brian Crook to concentrate on his other band The Renderers.  Peter Stapleton began a label called Metonymic that released beautifully packaged, limited edition CDs by the increasing permuation of the basic Flies Inside the Sun lineup inot like Rain, Doramaar and other improvising NZ bands.  Flies Inside the Sun reformed in 1997 to release a self-titled CD on Metonymic.  All the members continue to be key players in the amazing New Zealand free rock/improvised/whatever scene.

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An Audience of Others (Including Herself)

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