Greg Davis

Greg Davis is a musician based in Chicago. As an undergraduate at DePaul University in Chicago, Greg Davis studied classical and jazz guitar alongside composition and jazz studies.

In 1997, he started his own label, Autumn Records, in order to put out his music and that of others. Several CDR releases later, Autumn Records relocated to Boston in 1999 and released the Autumnature compilation in May of 2001, which featured the likes of: Marumari, Hrvatski, Lexaunculpt, Cex, Colongib, Asterisk (aka Greg Davis), among others. At this time Greg was attending the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where he received his master's degree in composition in June 2001. Mouthmoth Records' Mothballs 7 inch series also featured several tracks by Greg (as Asterisk) and his performing duo, Parallel, with Don Mennerich. Greg was an active performer in the Boston area, playing many shows by himself and with Parallel. Greg returned to Chicago in August 2002.

Greg's "Clouds as Edges" 7 inch single was released in October 2001 on Grounded Records. His debut CD, Arbor, was released in February 2002 on Carpark Records. Also, a Greg Davis & Don Mennerich split 7" was released in May 2002 on Autumn Records.  Greg did an extensive seven week tour of the US in March and April 2002 and a four week tour of Europe in May and June 2002, all with friend and musical collaborator, Hrvatski (aka Keith Fullerton Whitman).  On that European tour he recorded the material that became the Mort Aux Vaches CD on the Dutch radio program of the same name.

Greg Davis released his second compact disc for Carpark in late 2003.  Curling Pond Woods continues the integration of laptop processing and acoustic instrumentation that began on the Arbor album.  As Bob Mehr wrote in the Chicago Reader:

    "He augments his signature symphony of gently plucked acoustic guitar and natural sounds — water seems to be a favorite theme — with touches of brass, woodwind, and pedal steel and even takes a couple rare lead vocal turns..".

Beginning to work with an ensemble, Davis toured North America in spring 2004 playing material from the Curling Pond Woods album as part of Greg Davis (Group).

A new piano piece by Davis called "Emptying" premiered at the Summer Institute for Contemporary Piano Performance at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA. The institute ran from June 21st — 26th; Christian Wolff is the composer in residence and Ursula Oppens is the pianist in residence.   An invitation to play at Sydney Australia's Sound Summit Festival alongside Matmos and Mike Paradinos was extended and so Greg Davis will be playing shows in Australia and New Zealand in October, 2004.  The German Lux Nigra label will be released a limited edition 12" in Fall 2004.

Somnia collects drone-oriented material Davis has been working over the last two to three years and includes a track, "Mirages (version 2)," recorded in spring 2004 using a schaaf punch card music box and computer.  Each track features a single instrument (bowed psaltery, acoustic guitar, harmonica, fender rhodes, magnus chord organ) played by Davis and then filtered through a computer.  The tones that come out of the process bear little immediate resemblance to the instrument of origin, taking on extended and diffuse forms of their own.

Lux Nigra of Berlin Germany will release a companion 12" E.P. called Diaphonous. It contains the full length version of a track from Somnia plus two new pieces. Greg also started the Leaves CDR series on his Autumn Records which is devoted to field recordings and improvisations. These new releases continue to reveal the depth and diversity of Greg's musical world.

Greg made his first trip to Australia in October 2004 to play at the Sound Summit festival in Newcastle and play at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney with Mu-ziq and Boombip. A North American tour supporting Somnia will follow in November 2004. Forthcoming releases include Yearlong, a collection of live improvisations with Keith Fullerton Whitman to be released on Carpark in January 2005, two duo CDs with Steven Hess, a collaboration with Sebastien Roux, and a number of compilation and remix appearances.


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