"The idea of of a band being unlike any other is by now a concept so shopworn it's almost meaningless, but in Dadamah's case it was really kind of true."
    - James Lien,  CMJ New Music Report,  Nov. 14, 1994

This Is Not a Dream is a collection of every song ever released by the Dunedin, New Zealand quartet Dadamah.  kranky compiled tracks from two seven inch singles, a compilation single and one LP, placed them on compact disc and released the finished product as our second ever release in 1994.  Like every group in New Zealand, the members of Dadamah had links to a number of other bands; drummer Peter Stapleton played in The Terminals, Vacuum and The Victor Dimisich Band guitarist Roy Montgomery played in The Pin Group (whose single was the first ever release on the Flying Nun label).    Singer Kim Pieters and organ/synth player Janine Stagg were, apparently, the only two people in New Zealand who had never been in a band.  

 Dadamah only played out three times, devoting the majority of their efforts to recording on four track.   At the time the group was active, the underground experimentation of the Xpressway label garnered a number of fans outside the two islands and a Dadamah track ended up on a compilation seven inch Drag City released in 1991 called I Hear The Devil Calling Me.

Jay Hinman noted Dadamah's solitary place in the NZ underground in his Superdope fanzine:

    "Dead C. might blare and scrape, the Terminals might twist and wind, but Dadamah positively shimmer with beautifully earthy lo-fi Velvets/Ubu sound. "

Limited edition singles on the Seattle-based Majora label followed, earning Dadamah praise as "one of the most overwhelmingly great exponents of layer-shifting drone-on master-rock" in the Forced Exposure catalog.  Roy Montgomery's droning guitars were offset by Janine Stagg's stabbing organ and gurgling moog synths, with Kim Pieter's vocals weaving through the mix.   

    "Synth woosh, organ-wheez, possessed femme voice over, cavernous man-voice under, guitar and drums punch through... into where?  Your dreams friend, if you let 'em."
    - Bill Meyer,  Pop Watch

   We were huge fans of the band's material and thought that more people deserved a chance to hear it.  Although the band had broken up by the time we got in contact with them, Dadamah were kind enough to give a new label a chance in 1994.  Peter Stapleton and Kim Pieters started another band called Flies Inside the Sun, who released an album on kranky, and today operate the Metonymic label and release scads of great music from the fertile NZ improvised rock scene.  At the time This Is Not a Dream was released, Roy Montgomery had started a band with Chris Heaphy called Dissolve, and we were lucky enough to release more work from them as well on kranky.

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This Is Not a Dream

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