Christmas Decorations

The exploded view, deadpan pop of Model 91 marked the recorded debut of the Brooklyn, NY duo Christmas Decorations.

Using vocals, guitar, bass guitar, low budget digital sequencers, and melodica Christmas Decorations recorded Model 91 in Spring 2002 with engineer Charles Burst and Mitch Rackin.  The 13 tracks veer from claustrophobic to expansive and can be choppy or mesmerizing.  Christmas Decorations take a succinct, direct approach to song structure and instrumentation while experimenting with mood and melody.

The band is made up of Steve Silverstein, who  has played improv rock under the pseudonym Madam Estrella, written for Tape Op and other fanzines and done free lance recording, and Nick Forte, who was a member of the hardcore band Rorschach, the electro-schizo hardcore band Computer Cougar and Beautiful Skin.  Model 91 also features guest vocals by Rob Christiansen (Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers, ex-Eggs and the man who recorded the first Labradford album) and Fender Rhodes Piano by engineer Charles Burst.

    "Christmas Decorations Model 91 is a minimal ambient rock album that has a similar feel to Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy).  A deadpan vocal delivery occasionally smeared by the slowest bass section on earth slides from side to side in what is a goofy yet serious piece of music.  Model 91 holds its ground like a stubborn mule, never giving in to the usual practices of music making, but instead garnering anti-musical matter into itself until it makes its way like a bulldozer over two sides."
     Andrew Jones  Skyscraper  Issue 15
    "Creepy and very, very moody, Christmas Decorations' trance-like sounds are wrapped up in intricate melodies and leave you feeling relaxed, yet strangely on edge."
     James Sherry  Kerrang!  Oct. 19, 2002

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Model 91